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Learn  about the specifications and numbers of   the latest Linkaja Call Centre

The more advanced the times ,  the more different transactions can be made through carts , one of which is the linkaja call center number  .   Moreover , it speeds up times when  people choose  an easy  way  to buy private goods  . This is  also done when paying for daily work .

Daily necessities  can be  in the  form of groceries for food and clothing products and internet needs  .  In addition , needs such as job taxes  are also important  as good people .  Of course , it does  not need  to be used as a difficult activity because  it  can  be easily  done for payment transactions  .

Identify Linkaja ‘s application for transaction activities

In online transactions ,   you may have been    very familiar with OVO before .       However , it appears that the link has the same characteristics and services so that it is an option to meet different needs  . So , if you   use    OVO        beforehand but change the link to aja , you will have no problem accessing all menus or specifications  .

Please remember that  linkaja ‘s payment application  is not by a private or enterprise company but is purely the property of the state  (state property enterprise ).   They   hand over the management to PT Fintic Karia Osuntara so that they can  compete with  other services such as  OVO , Gopai  , Dana and others .

If you want to  make a deal and first contact the Linkaja Call Center , it is also possible to use telecomsel products  .  This is because the manager  is the same  between telecomsel and money payment services  .  It is no surprise that the two  often work   together to improve their respective products  .

In paying for  different  products , of course ,  there is no need  to use real money .   You only need to  raise your balance and then when you want to shop for daily or monthly needs , it  can be done simply .           Moreover ,  the other benefit of using this service is that there are dozens of useful promos  .

Using  a digital bag to pay for other needs , such as online gaming , is also very safe for security and authenticity .   Especially if you don’t  want to experience losses because you  choose the  wrong store when buying  something  .   If  you  are interested in using this ,  you must first download and install it because it is an  application .

Benefits and benefits of using linkaja call center numbers

The  first benefit of using this application is to get several services , including basic service and full service  .   For basic services , you can  use  it in general payments such as credit or online purchases   .   The balance size  was very limited , where it was only Rp  . 20.

You can ask the  number of the old link aja call center if there is a new addition to the basic value of the service balance  .   At the same time , for full service   , in fact , in terms of work or use , it is still the same  .   But  the difference between basic and  complete service is the balance , which goes to 10.

These two can still  create balance additions or retreats if they will be used for other important purposes  . So , if you  do not want to take money from the savings  , you can get an alternative by removing balance from other sources   .   Of course , this type of path will  prove the amount of savings because it has not  been taken .

If you want to  get all the services like this  ,  it is highly recommended to go to Garpari near your area first  .   This  will then be helped  if  you  do not know how to register , raise the balance to use the fund  .   You  can  even get promos  if you are present  , it  can be in  the form of a payment discount or a business man ‘s prize  .

In the  promosection , it is also recommended that you first contact the Linkaja Call Center number if you want to know how to get it  .   For example, when we  buy credit,  we will be given a lot of time bons or useful discount promos.   There will certainly  be conditions in which we must obey to get the promos in real  time .

In general ,  conditions for obtaining promos can only be fulfilled when you have already traded  first .   For example , sending money  or buying goods  will surely give you  a reward  immediately as a heart-breaking promos and bons  . This is  a very  different  amount  of bons  , where you are lucky  , you can get a large discount of up to 50%  .

Refreshing the number of linkaja call centre

Contacting linkaja ‘s customer service is currently only 150911 that it is   the only place to communicate directly with the  company  .   Then you will be served  as a customer by  Edman  .  All questions and complaints  can be carried out quickly and professionally because  the CSA has training .

This  linkaja call centre number is definitely in accordance with the program   you use . Because it  is  not  very difficult ,  try to  use  only local  codes .   Later , local  tariffs will be charged so that  credit  for calling  is not  too much .  If you feel the business  is long ,  it is allowed to increase credit first  .

If you have been successfully  contacted   ,  you will first be asked about personal information . So first you should fill out the data  as proof that you are actually  an  application  user .   In general , data  is only in the form of a prudence card or passport number that is useful in the update process as a customer of your latest data   .

If you feel  that the number of linkaja call centres is not stable , just add complaints and questions through questions and listen to the answer  specifications on the  main website .  You  can  contact the main website  and  enter  the question and answer characteristics between the consumer and the administrator  . This feature  is very quick to answer questions , so  you recommend this .

Registration steps and how to balance high

If you  have a previous view of using  this application , you can immediately download and install it first  .   You can download it via google playstore and app store depending on the type of satellite phone used . Then to register , just  enter the application and then register the phone number to get the account pin   .

The next step  is only to balance , after which you can immediately deal with the request  .   As far as you want to  know about the use of promos or specifications , you can ask the linkaja call center number directly  .   They know very well so  you do not  make mistakes when you pay or send  .

Balancing  can be done through many media , for example , gerapari and  kiosks .   In general, people are  above   balance  in this way  .   But  if you want to use other routes , you can go through retailers where  linkaja balance recycling services are available .   In general, the seller’s place should have this service.

But if it is  considered painful or does not want to meet with other people to stop the balance  , you can use the transmission method via ATM  .   Of course, this is  the easiest and safest way to say because we only deal here ourselves  .   There is no need to be afraid that your personal  PIN  will be misused by others  .

At the same time , if  you  want to pay for a businessman , you can actually use two different ways , which  is TAP and SNAP . The tap  will be done by looking  for a tap button and then click  on it  for  payments .    At  the same time , app  is actually used the same way , but the method is through QR scans  .

We already know how useful it is to use this application in any personal needs transaction  . So it  is not surprising that you  are highly advised to register immediately and  feel  the benefit yourself  .   Especially if there is a  problem , you can contact linkaja call centre number directly , which is ready to serve consumers .

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