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If you feel bored and less motivated when exercising alone, you can go to the fitness center to get around it. Exercising in a fitness center can be more targeted with guidance from experienced instructors and the use of the right tools.

A fitness center is a fitness center where there are exercise tools used to help improve fitness and build body muscles. Joining a fitness center can be the first step to start exercising regularly and living a healthy lifestyle.


Sports Facilities at the Fitness Center

Fitness venues have monthly or annual membership fees. Fees may vary depending on the number of classes and facilities obtained. Generally, fitness venues have the following facilities:

1. Weight lifting area

This room is usually equipped with weight lifting equipment, such as dumbbells and kettlebells. The room in this fitness center is also surrounded by mirrors to ensure you do your exercise movements and posture correctly.

2. Areas to exercise the strength of the body

In this area, there are various kinds of tools that can be used to train the strength of the body’s muscles, for example the chest press tool to train the chest muscles, the shoulder press to train the shoulder muscles, and the leg press to train the thigh and buttock muscles.

3. Cardio exercise area

The area for cardio sports is equipped with sports facilities or equipment to train the heart organs, such as treadmills, stationary bikes, and stair steps. There are times when this room is also equipped with audio-visual media to entertain and encourage people who are exercising.

4. Other sports areas

Fitness venues also usually provide special exercise classes, such as aerobics, dance classes such as zumba or salsa, yoga, and pilates.

5. Other facilities

Some fitness venues also offer sauna facilities  to swimming pools. Usually there is also a room for bathing and changing clothes, as well as a locker for storing personal belongings.

Almost all fitness venues are provided with the services of a personal trainer to guide their members to exercise. Members of the fitness venue can exercise along with the guidance of a fitness instructor.

Notes for Beginners

If you are a beginner who intends to exercise in a fitness center, there are several guidelines that must be considered, namely:

1. Consultation with a doctor

If you have a health problem or are undergoing certain medications, you should first consult a doctor before starting to regularly exercise at a fitness center. Likewise, if you haven’t exercised for a long time or are 45 years old or older.

2. Set sports targets according to your ability

As a first step, start exercising slowly and briefly, for example three times a week with a duration of 10–15 minutes each. After that, gradually increase the intensity and duration of exercise.

3. Warm up before exercise

Warm up before starting to exercise. This is done to prevent the occurrence of injuries, help improve blood circulation, while increasing the effectiveness of the exercise to be performed.

4. Cooling down after exercise

After exercise, it is also recommended to stretch or cool down the body. The goal is to relax the body, normalize heart rate and breath, as well as prevent muscle pain.

5. Try different types of sports

If you are bored with one type of exercise tool or class, you can try to vary the exercise with other sports, such as swimming or cycling.

6. Consume foods and soft drinks

Exercise, of course, requires extra calories. Make sure you eat a few hours before going to the fitness center. Foods or soft drinks, such as fruit and yoghurt, can be consumed before exercise to add energy.

In addition, consume 2–3 cups of mineral water before exercise and 1 cup every 10–20 minutes when exercising. You do not need to consume sports-specific drinks, unless you do strenuous exercise for a long time.

7. Wearing comfortable clothes

Focus on health, comfort, and safety rather than appearance. Choose clothing materials that are able to absorb sweat from the body well.

8. Choosing the right shoes

Choose sports shoes that are tailor-made for the type of sport you’re doing. In addition, choose shoes that do not feel narrow or loose on the feet, have a flat surface, and can maintain your position and posture well.

9. Perform sports movements correctly

Mistakes in performing techniques or movements in exercising can lead to injury. Ask the instructor at the fitness center if you are unsure of a movement or how to use a particular tool.

Generally, adults are advised to do moderate intensity exercise of 150 minutes per week, or heavy intensity exercise of 75 minutes per week. In addition, it is also recommended to do sports that can train the muscle strength of the body at least 2 times a week.

If you just want to start exercising, either at a fitness center, at home, or elsewhere, it is advisable to first consult with a doctor to get advice on the type and intensity of exercise that suits your health condition.

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