Just Starting Fitness? Follow This Sequence of Movements Tekno Warta

You’re just starting fitness? Don’t forget to do the right steps so that the movement can build muscles and produce maximum fitness and avoid injury. What are the stages like?

Fitness has a variety of goals whether to shape the body, tone muscles, and want to lose or gain weight. The correct sequence of fitness movements will have the maximum effect on your goals.

In addition, by performing the correct sequence of movements can also avoid from injury due to the wrong technique. Here’s the sequence of movements to start fitness for beginners from a healthy diet.

1. Heating

Warming up is the first thing to do when you are about to start fitness. One of the benefits of warming up that cannot be underestimated is that it can reduce fatal injuries to your body.

Do a static and dynamic warming up movement so that the benefits on your body are maximized. Warming up can be done with a little light movements or with various fitness exercises so that the body heats up faster to be ready to do fitness sports.

2. Light weight training

For beginners, it is best to do fitness exercises using light weights first. The goal is to give your body time to adapt and get used to the chosen load. Do not immediately do strenuous exercise because your body is at risk of injury and other negative impacts.

3. Heart-Rate monitor

An important thing that should not be forgotten is to use a heart-rate monitor when you are training weights or not. With this tool, you will recognize and detect your heart rate during fitness. Checking your heart rate is important to see if your workout is too strenuous or even needs to increase your training intensity.

4. Breathing exercises

You need to learn good and correct breathing techniques when starting fitness training. For example, when should you exhale or exhale and when to take a breath. It aims so that you don’t get tired easily and the fitness training movements will be maximized.

5. Understanding of equipment

The correct fitness movement is adjusted to the tool and load that is being used. You also have to understand each function and how to use the tool in the fitness exercise. For example, the technique of using barbells or dumbbells to build biceps muscles or diet shrinking the arms.

6. Upper Muscle Exercises

The next sequence of fitness movements for beginners is to train the upper muscles to be well formed. The upper muscles it consists of the pectoral muscles, back muscles, shoulder muscles, as well as the arm muscles. Each of these muscles has its own level of difficulty.

For example, for the arm, shoulder and back muscles, you can do various movements of push ups and combine them with pull ups regularly. The combination of the two movements can help form three such muscles at the same time.

7. Builds abdominal muscles

Strengthening the abdominal muscles is the next order for beginners. The most effective fitness program for forming sixpack abdominal muscles is to do these types of sit ups. Simple movements such as sit ups can form a sixpack abs quickly if you do it regularly every day, namely in the afternoon and evening.

8. Lower muscle exercises

The lower muscles consist of the calf muscles and the thigh muscles. There are several movements that are very appropriate to do to form lower body muscles, namely jogging, cycling and sprinting. In the gym itself, tools for all three movements are readily available. For example, jogging on a treadmill or cycling on a spinning bike or stationary bike.

9. Strength training

This exercise is very useful because it is effective in increasing your muscles so that the body is free from fat. In addition, a person’s metabolic rate becomes fast so that body composition is formed healthily. This exercise can also trigger the formation of stronger bone density.

In the fitness center (gym), you can start this exercise by doing chest press, shoulder press, leg press, back rows, leg extensions and crunches. For the number of times his exercises, then you can do it for eight counts of each set. The exercise can be performed up to 10 repetitions in each one training session.

10. Cooling

The last stage of fitness exercises that should not be neglected is cooling down.  In this way, your body’s muscles are not easily stiff after fitness, aka you can relax again. Relaxed muscles will certainly make it easier for you to move back.