TeknoBGT: Often Confused, What exactly is the Difference between Gym and Fitness?

There is no doubt that you are confused by these two terms. The gym is a place for physical activities and sports and in it there are supporting activities. While fitness is a healthy lifestyle and includes sports activities.


Starting to want to adopt a healthy lifestyle by actively moving? That’s good. But in the early stages, people who are just starting out are often confused about the difference between gym and fitness. At least by knowing the difference, it will be easier to understand the various terms in the world of sports.


No need to feel embarrassed or think the question of the difference between fitness and gym is ridiculous. It is quite natural to feel confused because of terms with almost similar meanings.


Get to know what a gym is

To discuss the difference between fitness and gym, let’s start by getting to know more about what a gym is. This is a place where people are physically active. Usually, gyms are indoor or indoor places equipped with various equipment for sports.


Throughout history, gyms have existed even since 3,000 years ago since the time of the Ancient Persian Civilization. In those days, gyms were called degan zurkhaneh.


Some are specifically designed to lift weights, some are for strength training, and many more. However, in this one gym place there are no separate classes like those offered by sports studios.


It’s just that, there are many equipment and machines that can be selected according to the sports goals of each individual. That is, everyone usually trains on their own and not in groups. But sometimes, accompanied by a personal trainer.


Get to know the concept of fitness

Unlike the gym, fitness is a healthy lifestyle and is not only limited to lifting weights. Inside there is a huge variety of physical activities such as sit ups, push ups, or other sports such as swimming, cycling, and more.


To do so, it doesn’t have to be in a special place. You can do it anywhere, even from home. The similarity of the two things above lies in their goal, which is to both want the body to be fitter and healthier.


In addition, there is also a so-called fitness center. Similar to a gym, it is a place for people to be able to do physical activities. In the past, the term was health club.


There are many types and forms of fitness centers, with a choice of classes that members can participate in. So, there is a class schedule that can be followed according to the flexibility of each time.


Furthermore, the difference between a gym and a fitness center is usually in its features and infrastructure. Fitness center can be much more complete with a swimming pool, court, clinic, locker room, bathroom, and more.


It is also possible that someone who participates in the fitness center membership can find a new community. Usually, this starts with meeting frequently while taking a joint class or a favorite class that brings them together.


So, don’t be surprised if you can find a new environment or community when doing activities in the fitness center. Even in the gym, it can also be realized. The bonus is that it can be an additional source of motivation when you feel less excited to exercise.


Benefits of living a healthy lifestyle

After knowing the difference between fitness and gym, it is also interesting to explore what are the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. When associated with the decision to register as a member of a gym or fitness center, both can provide benefits in the form of:


Stress repellent activity

After a day of tedious or difficult activities, exercising in the gym can be a powerful stress repellent. It’s true that you will get sweaty while exercising, but this is an excellent form of relaxation.


Sources of motivation

If you’re the type of person who needs motivation to exercise consistently, signing up as a member of a gym or fitness center can be the answer. Because, if you have paid, then of course there is motivation not to miss classes or sports sessions. Without realizing it, this has become a new healthy living habit.


Meet new friends

Expand your connection by getting to know friends who love to exercise. This can be realized both when joining the gym, fitness center, and even virtual sports. Who knows, this can make a workout session even more exciting.


Learn new things

By meeting people who are more experienced or both are learning, this can provide an opportunity to learn new things about the world of fitness. Of course, it will be different than just exercising virtually by yourself at home.


Body fit

Consistent exercise will also make your body fitter and can achieve the goal of physical activity. Whatever the purpose, by registering as a participant or focusing on a healthy lifestyle, it will make the body healthier and less easily sick.


That was the difference between fitness and gym. The first refers to a healthy lifestyle, while the second is a place to exercise. Now, there are so many options for physical activity. Not only the gym, but there is also a fitness center to virtual classes that can be accessed in their own rooms.


Whatever it is, the most important thing is consistency. Remember how those endorphins that burst after exercise feel so good. This can be an effective motivation as well as a powerful stress repellent.

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