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Fitness is no longer a strenuous exercise for men only. But now, even women can do it to maintain body fitness, lose weight, and form an ideal body. Fitness sports can also make body parts, such as arms, abdomen muscular.

In big cities nowadays it is very easy to find a fitness place or a gym. Starting from those that are expensive to those that are cheap, which are in shopping centers to those on the side of the road. In addition, there are already many fitness places that offer attractive promos. For example, to become a member or member, you will get snacks and towels when you first come.

Don’t be confused for those of you who have never been fitness at all. Check out these tips for starting fitness for beginners first:

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1. Find Out What Your Purpose is to Join Fitness

Before you start, first find out what your goals and motivations are for participating in fitness, whether it is to get the ideal body shape, lose weight, or just want to be healthy. This can determine what movements are appropriate to be able to realize your wishes.

In addition, you can also be fitness while being guided by an instructor or personal trainer who has been trained. They will help your program run well, for example to shrink the stomach, then you will be directed to exercises that focus on the abdomen.

2. Organize a Lifestyle

Fitness has, now most importantly, start managing your lifestyle healthier to compensate. The reason is that the quality of life will affect a person’s health condition. Adopt a healthy diet, such as eating low-fat foods, including fruits, vegetables, red meat, brown rice, and others. In addition, drink plenty of water, and stay up late less.

Avoid fatty foods or foods that contain saturated fats. You should also reduce fast food or junk food because this type of food is very unhealthy to consume. Diet can be adjusted based on calories, because according to one of  the fitness personal trainers Alvin Hartanto, to get a beautiful and healthy body, a person does not have to feel hungry all day until limp. But it is only necessary to manage a diet and lifestyle that is much better than before consistently.

3. Create a Schedule and Do It Consistently

Make a schedule that includes all activities, such as fitness, eating, rest, and so on. Did you know that schedule patterns will affect what your life is like, both mentally and physically. So it’s best to set your schedule well. For example, the meal schedule, you have to have breakfast with a predetermined portion at 7 am. Then at 10 o’clock in the morning, consume fruits and biscuits as a light snack.

Continued at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, lunch and so on until the dinner schedule. Make sure your sports schedule is on the agenda you create. It’s best to arrange it at 4 pm, or 8 am. Once the schedule is drawn up, do it consistently. Don’t let the schedule go to waste, not implemented so that your fitness program fails miserably.

How to Choose a Fitness Place

There are several ways to choose a good and comfortable fitness place, namely:

  1. If your funds are enough to become a member at the fitness center, don’t register immediately. But first try to come once to several fitness places that have been recommended
  2. Pay attention to what are the facilities, advantages, disadvantages, and services. Also pay attention to what the environment in the fitness place looks like, because after all, the environment greatly affects your comfort when exercising. Compare one fitness place to another that you have tried
  3. If you have found a place that suits your wishes with the appropriate budget, you can register yourself as a member at that place.

Healthy Doesn’t Need to Be Expensive

Whatever kind of exercise, it is basically healthy. You can choose what sport suits your interests and budget. It doesn’t need to be expensive to make the body healthy and fit. The important thing is to consistently exercise regularly, as well as maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, not to be slack.

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